Not Just Another Listicle

I’ve just read one of the better articles describing why working from a coworking space benefits people with a variety of jobs and work styles. I always ask folks who tour with us at onFlume what their needs are and how they like to work. Everyone is just a little different, but there are definitely themes:  starting a new career, the dining room table just isn’t working out, feeling isolated, poor internet connection at home, can’t get anything done with the cat/dog/baby interrupting, etc., etc. 

Of course, the benefits of coworking are greater than just fast internet and avoiding distractions. We humans are social creatures, and even the introverts among us are happier in a friendly environment where we cross paths, exchange greetings and smiles with others.

Here’s a link to the article 14 Reasons to Work from a Coworking Space from a Coworking Space. I bet you’ll find something here that rings true for you.


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