How Many Ways Can You Cowork?

Let me tell you about all the ways I’ve seen coworking happen here at onFlume just this week. Most work days are a little bit different from the one before; extend that by weeks, months, years and it’s easy to make the case for a flexible workspace. Here’s what we’ve seen from coworkers at onFlume just this week.

  1. At the Dedicated Desks

Local entrepreneur and city council candidate tapping out emails, dipping into the phone booth to make calls, collecting his mail, chatting with a nearby private office member and with me, the community manager.

2.  At the Flex Desks

Our teacher with a side hustle was here multiple afternoons. She tucks into her favorite flex desk near the kitchen for an hour or two, headphones on, cup of coffee (OK, and sometimes a beer) in hand before heading home to her busy household where it’s much harder to focus.

3. In the Phone Booth

We allow members to duck into the phone booth for a quick call anytime it’s available, but it can also be reserved. One of our members spends a couple of hours teaching collegiate level poetry via Zoom on Friday afternoons and evenings. She’s got the place to herself in the evening, but with the reassurance of security cameras and stepping straight out to her car on our well-lit street, she feels safe.

4. In the Private Offices

We’ve been watching our members who are part of a startup firm grow their numbers over the course of time here. They hit three people at desks with double monitors before there just wasn’t room for their newest team member, so…

5. In the Office Pods

That new team member is now in one of the office pods with a line of sight to her colleagues in the private office. 

6. In the Conference Room

Monday: Full day video deposition using Logitech Meetup & big screen

Tuesday: Group working on a local ballot measure with others Zooming in on the big screen

Wednesday: Private office member booked an in person meeting with a small group

Thursday: Private office member booked a meeting

Friday: A tenant on our block booked the conference room for a confidential meeting away from his own office space

7. In the Kitchen & Cafe’

So many brief hellos, chats about the weather (too damn hot), weekend plans, a member suggestion for an event, followed by brainstorming about the who, what, where, when.

There are more work and rest areas plus tons of amenities at onFlume, like indoor bike parking, a ring light in the phone booth, lounge chairs outside the cafe’, and a standing work area for when you just…can’t…sit…anymore!

Work flexibly!

A woman sits in the cafe working on her laptop at one of many small tables.

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